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Temporary Staffing Services

Prayatna’s temporary staffing services leverage the cost of interviewing, screening and advertising. Prayatna offers strategic temporary hiring services, taking into account all your needs.

Temporary staffing is advantageous because it’s cost-effective, timely, bring the talent only when you need, focuses on core functionalities, adapts to your workflow and reduces liabilities.

We search, screen and interview the candidate before presenting them to you to ensure that their placement is the best fit.

Benefits of Prayatna Temporary Staffing Services

Client-centric solutions


Client-centric solutions

Ensures the saving of resources and money

Client-centric solutions

Focusing on core functionalities

Client-centric solutions

Managing an adaptable workflow

Client-centric solutions

Minimizing liabilities

Client-centric solutions

Timely service

Other Staffing Services

Workforce Business Solutions

Preferred by the businesses for whom we tackle the usual hassles of employee-related administrative tasks.

Staff Augmentation Service

Domain specific and optimal utilization of skill centric recruiting

Professional Placement Service

Full Time and Permanent Placement Services

Client-centric solutions


To know about our Software / IT  Services in detail, download our presentation.

Client-centric solutions


To know about our Staffing Services in detail, download our presentation.