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Staff Augmentation Service

Prayatna gives you stellar candidates for any position. Seamlessly add members to your team without disrupting your workflow. Our value-based system takes all your needs into account.

The staff augmentation service makes sure your company stays on top of staffing issues. Prayatna offers augmentation services nationwide and has the ability to scale based on the client needs for multiple industries and positions.

Benefits of Prayatna Staff Augmentation Service

Client-centric solutions

Domain-specific and optimal utilization of skill-centric recruiting

Client-centric solutions

Dedicated teams with client specific models

Multiple Industries

Experience with multiple industries and positions

Client-centric solutions

National coverage

Client-centric solutions

Focus on core business

Client-centric solutions

Ability to scale as per client needs

Other Staffing Services

Temporary Staffing Services

Preferred model if the project is small or uncertain. It’s a cost-effective option for minimizing liabilities.

Workforce Business Solutions

Preferred by the businesses for whom we tackle the usual hassles of employee-related administrative tasks and allow them to pursue their business goals.

Professional Placement Service

Full Time and Permanent Placement Services

Client-centric solutions


To know about our Software / IT  Services in detail, download our presentation.

Client-centric solutions


To know about our Staffing Services in detail, download our presentation.