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Prayatna’s cloud application development service increases your business’s agility and efficiency. This frees you from system-specific technologies and gives you better ways to engage with your customers and employees.

Cloud applications help businesses reduce costs, increase scalability, location independence, performance, reliability, security, and better resource utilization.

Our cloud application development service supports cloud platforms like Salesforce, AWS, Google and Azure.

Elasticity in operations

While you do not have to wait for months for new updated hardware, the entire technical assistance is provided by the remote engineers’ team. You can quickly deploy new applications, quickly scale up as the workload grows, and get down as per the demand. No matter how many servers you need and for how long, the company offers 24/7 services. You can also save your costs by paying only for the time and amount of usage.


There is flexibility in choosing the most suitable program that helps you make the most out of the services offered. You choose the number of services and have the flexibility to decide how and when you want to use them.

We help you with

cloud migration

Cloud Migration & Platforms

Cloud Database

Cloud Database Migration

Client-centric solutions

Cloud Solution Architecture

Client-centric solutions

SAP Migration

Client-centric solutions

Cloud Ready Application Development

Client-centric solutions

Serverless Architecture Development with Deployment

Client-centric solutions

Micro Service Architecture

Client-centric solutions

Amazon Echo

Other Software Services

Client-centric solutions


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Client-centric solutions


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