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Professional Placement Service

Prayatna provides quality permanent (full-time) placement services nationwide.

Prayatna takes into account the wide range of qualities and specifications clients look for in a candidate. We work with you to define your ideal candidate and perform a talent search using multiple channels to find presentable candidates.

With prayatna’s professional placement service, we help you eliminate the risk associated with direct hiring, reduce unpredicted staffing costs, verify candidate background and ensure that the right candidate gets the job.

Vast Search and Acquiring Best Qualified Talents

We work with you to first define your ideal candidate, and then Prayatna handles the rest. We perform a vast talent search through a database of potential personnel. In addition, we figure out a full companion of external recruitment capabilities.

Benefits of Prayatna Professional Placement Service

Client-centric solutions

Evaluation of skills

Client-centric solutions

Neglecting the risk related to direct hiring

Multiple Industries

Downgrade the unpredicted cost & business problems

Client-centric solutions

Match the candidate background to the customer needs

Client-centric solutions

Confidence that if the right candidate will be given for the job

Client-centric solutions

Verify candidate background patterns to ensure the customer is getting the right employee

Other Staffing Services

Temporary Staffing Services

Preferred model if the project is small or uncertain. It’s a cost-effective option for minimizing liabilities.

Workforce Business Solutions

Preferred by the businesses for whom we tackle the usual hassles of employee-related administrative tasks and allow them to pursue their business goals.

Staff Augmentation Service

Domain specific and optimal utilization of skill centric recruiting

Client-centric solutions


To know about our Software / IT  Services in detail, download our presentation.

Client-centric solutions


To know about our Staffing Services in detail, download our presentation.